To make a statement at the board room table today, international business people have to speak to be heard, present to persuade, write to inform, and negotiate to win.

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A series of interviews with Paddy Kennedy by THNKR

Expert Advice on Job Interviews

“In this episode of PODIUM, oration and...

THNKR Interviews Paddy Kennedy on Accent Reduction

“In business and in life if you want to be...

How to Talk to a Crowd: Do’s and Don’ts

“Whether presenting in front of a...

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Hello and thank you very much for coming to my site.

Creating Kennedy Communication Studio is a life long dream.

I hope we can help you reach and realize your life-long dreams as well. After all, that is the goal of all my work, my raison-d’être, you could say.

I learned early in life the value of excellent coaching. I was a top-trained competitive figure skater. And I was very fortunate to train with  some of the top skating coaches of their time: Mr. Edy Rada from the North Shore Winter Club in North Vancouver especially. Mr. Rada stressed the importance of focus and self-discipline.

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August 26, 2015 |

Welcome to My New Website!

Communicate Success! Communicating successfully is what I am all about. Coaching people to express their true...

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