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Creating Kennedy Communication Studio is a life-long dream.

I hope we can help you reach and realize your life-long dreams as well. After all, that is the goal of all my work, my raison-d’être, you could say.

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I learned early in life the value of excellent coaching. I was a top-trained competitive figure skater. And I was very fortunate to train with some of the top skating coaches of their time: Mr. Edy Rada from the North Shore Winter Club in North Vancouver especially. Mr. Rada stressed the importance of focus and self-discipline. He trained all of his top students in the classical manner with strict methodology and discipline. He pushed us, he expected a great deal from us.

I can still remember the sweet taste of a well-deserved compliment from Mr. Rada. You knew you had done very well, beyond your own expectations, when Mr. Rada put his arm around you and said, in his thick Austrian accent, “Very good, my friend. See what a little hard work can do?”

Unfortunately, I was rendered dis-abled from the too rigourous training and two head injuries – from falls on the ice.


Heart-broken, I left amateur skating and turned professional, starting my own coaching business when I was 19 years old.


I recognized immediately the importance of being an excellent coach to my pupils. I learned that, just as Mr. Rada had been, I too needed to be tough, to raise my standards high, to expect my students to excel and to hold them gently the whole time I was pushing them so. I will always be grateful to Mr. Rada.


Teaching and Coaching require honesty and trust between teacher and student.

It requires that the coach push the student, beyond what the student believes he or she can do.

This is the spirit you will find when you work with Kennedy Communication Studio.

You will be:

ü  trained to communicate strategically and professionally from your very first class

ü  trained and coached in all aspects of spoken and written language

ü  taught to communicate in all areas of your profession

ü  Taught only by experts in the field of International Business Communication


Just as Mr. Rada trained his top students to perform in World and Olympic skating arenas, Kennedy Communication Studio will teach and train you to perform like a World-class Professional  on the World stages of International Business.

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