Accentuate the What??

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Info bits on Accentuate the Beat:Accent Reduction Home Study E-Learning Course

What does “Accentuate the Beat” mean?

  • Accent is just another word for stress, it’s just another way of expressing where to put the stress – or – which beat in the word or phrase to stress or accentuate.
  • The main reason international speakers of English have difficulty being understood when they speak English is that they do not know the rules of which beat to accentuate.
  • Accentuate the Beat was created by Paddy Kennedy to fill a vacuum in Accent Reduction programs
  • Accentuate the Beat is based on the sound rules of Spoken English.
  • Accentuate the Beat trains the speaker’s ear to hear not only what is being said, but how!
  • Once International speakers understand this very simple concept, coupled with learning the basic Beat or Accent Rules, their chances of being heard and fully understand increase dramatically.


What Problem Does Accentuate the Beat Solve?

  • Accentuate the Beat dramatically reduces foreign accent interference for international speakers of the English language.


  • Accentuate the Beat is a new concept in accent reduction, a new methodology which concentrates, primarily, on the natural and inherent musicality of Spoken English.


How does Accentuate the Beat solve this problem?

  • Spoken English is musical, based on repeating patterns of Stress, Rhythm, and Intonation.
  • There are 3 consistent “notes of sound” or “beats” in Spoken English.
  • Accentuate the Beat focuses on the 3 “notes of sound” or the 3 –“beats” and their musical and rhythmical patterns that are rule-governed and innate to Spoken English.


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