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Communicate Success!

Communicating successfully is what I am all about. Coaching people to express their true voice, to speak-up so they are heard, and to rise to their feet to declare to the world who they are: this is my passion.



I have just returned home from the Toastmasters International Convention in Las Vegas Nevada.

2,500 people from 136 countries came together to meet up and to share their stories with one another. They came to learn to lead and to communicate on an International platform. They came for the fellowship. They came to hear Dr. Mohammed Yunis inspire with his powerful message. Some came to compete in the World Championship of Public Speaking. Others came with the strong desire to serve on the International Board of Directors or the Executive Committee. The latter are the leaders I work with.

Putting your name forward to run as an International Director or for the Executive Committee is a demanding challenge. It is also exceptionally rewarding process. More like a journey, actually. I encourage all Toastmasters on the Leadership tracks to consider running for District and then International Leadership posts. Not to win! For winning, in Toastmasters, isn’t the goal! The goal is to learn all you can about communicating in the world we live in, to have the opportunity to hone your speaking and leadership skills to the highest of your potential, and ultimately, to train others just like you to follow suit. As Toastmasters’ founder, Dr. Smedley, said: “Let us share with others the benefits we have gained for ourselves.”

International leadership requires new ways of thinking about leading; it asks for broader perspectives and more tolerance than we are perhaps used to. It necessitates new directions in Cultural Etiquette. It demands more of us and can take us places we have not yet imagined ourselves to be.

I created a program especially for Toastmaster Leaders who have the desire to travel this fulfilling road: Leaders Across Borders. Leaders Across Borders is written with one purpose in mind: to help you, the leader, to find and to express your truest, most authentic self. To know what you hold to be foundationally true, good, and beautiful in you, in life, and in those around you. To say what you mean and to mean what you say. To know who you are, at your deepest level of self.

From this platform, you are ready to lead . . . yourself and your team, anywhere and at any time.

Fall Semester Classes for Leadership candidates begin September 8th. The first round of classes (20 hours) prepare you for the 45 minute ILC interview. Once nominated, we begin the second round of classes (20 hours) and get you 100% ready for the International Convention: the Trio Interviews, Showcase, and the Business Meeting.

Kindly contact me so we can have a chat about your desires and dreams to serve this great organization.





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