Words are the Key to the Heart

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Words are the key to the heart.

key is inserted in lock heart (3D, for printing and WEB)

I have had this Chinese proverb taped to the window sill in my office for a long time so that I see it every time I sit down to write. I like it; it makes me feel like a writer with purpose. But to be honest, until today, I hadn’t ever really examined what these words mean to me.  I just liked that they were lofty and sounded wise.

This morning I started to think deeply about these words and I asked myself: What does this proverb mean to me? Why do I love it so much? How are words the key to the heart. Is it even true?

It is true:

Words can build us up.


They can destroy us.

Words are powerful.

They can act as an elixir.


They can poison us.

So many times, the words we use with ourselves fall into the latter category. Think about your own self-talk. Are you always self-loving? Do you always speak to yourself with patience, grace, and love? When you look at your naked body in the mirror, do you utter words of full acceptance and sheer delight?

Just as the beloved proverb says that words are the key to the heart, words, especially self-talk, have the power to take us right out of our hearts. The way in which we speak to ourselves addresses the first of the Good Morning Dear Heart’s “8 Access Tools” that will take us back into our heart and to communicate from there: Self-awareness!

Here’s a Guided Visualization to comfortably and compassionately lead you to your heart of hearts – the highest level of your Self. Read the visualization through a few times so that you have the basic idea of the steps. Then, let yourself go. Just sit on the edge of your seat and let your nomadic imagination lead the way.

Guided Self Awareness Visualization

Please sit on the front 1/3 or1/4 of your chair.

Plant your feet gently yet firmly on the floor, knees apart.

(This position keeps all your meridians, or energy lines, open as you enter into the meditative state of mind.)

Please sit straight . . . but not stiffly.

Tuck your chin in slightly.

Place your hands on your lap, palms facing up.

Slowly, slowly, close your eyes.

First, half close them, looking down your nose.

Then, gradually let go of your ‘outer vision’.

And simply surrender to a sense of deep relaxation.

Imagine, using your 3rd eye, that you are sitting in a favourite spot.

Visualize yourself in your Beautiful Place.

Anywhere in the world

Where you have been

Or where you have dreamed of going.


See yourself sitting alone in this spot. Relaxed. Calm.


Exhale all the tension from the earthly world

Just release it – out through the pores of your skin

Through the soles of your feet


Visualize the light, the sounds, the smells, the entire atmosphere of


Release all the toxins and pollutants and stress trapped in your body.

Visualize all the pressure you feel vaporizing into thin air as you release through the pores of your skin.

Visualize the toxins going from the soles of you feet deep into the belly of the earth.

Visualize letting go as you exhale completely.


Become very aware of your Self – filling up with light and sound and smell.

Become fully aware of where you are sitting.

Visualize yourself being ‘enlightened’ with the all energy surrounding you.


Allow the light energy, the sound energy, the colour energy, all of the energies from you are sitting help you to push the stresses out of your body.

And practise breathing in this way for several breaths.

Continue breathing in the all-knowing and healing energy from the Universe, exhaling the earthy stresses.




in your

Beautiful Place

fully aware of your surroundings

entirely at  PEACE.

And stay there, just like that for a few minutes.

In the distance, you see someone coming.

You squint . . . she is far away, walking toward you.

Keep watching her

. . . until she comes into focus.

Who is she? Do you recognize her?

As she nears you, gesture her to come sit with you.

Welcome her.

Tell her . . . how you are doing.

. . . how you are feeling.

. . . what’s on your mind.

Ask her:

Dear Heart,

Can you please share with me three tokens of your precious wisdom so that I may learn the language of my heart?

Can you please give me three words for me that I may use that will let me live in my heart again?

Dear Heart, can you, with your Great Wisdom and Deep Compassion,  show me how, today, I may use words as the key to all the hearts I will meet today?

And then, after you have heard everything she has to say, let her get up and leave you there in your Beautiful Place to ponder her words.

Thank her and graciously let her leave. Watch her walking back into the distance.

Stay quietly with yourself and contemplate what you have heard.

As you inhale, incorporate her words into your breath (incorporate means to bring into the body). Incorporate her words, love her words, feel her words, know that the words of the Dear Heart are the keys you need to open the many rooms of your heart.

When you are ready, open your eyes and begin to write.

Don’t worry about grammar, structure, spelling, about your beautiful journal not being so gorgeous anymore. Just sit on the front 1/3 or 1/4 of your chair and write with a nomadic imagination.

Just write, free form, for at least three full pages. Longer if you wish, but try to write at least three pages of stream of consciousness writing about the experience you just had and let whatever comes to mind be what you write.

Do not edit yourself. Let the language of your heart pour forth with curiosity and love alone. No judgement at all.

There is NO wrong way to do these exercises; there is only YOUR way of speaking to and from your heart.


Before you get up from your desk, you MUST do what in Qigong is called a “Closing Procedure”. This brief and final step of the exercise will help to ground you again after you have altered your state of consciousness. We should always practise a closing procedure at the end of any meditation. Closing properly helps us to close our pores, and refocus in Real Time. It helps us to get grounded.


Gently bring yourself back to where you are sitting in Real Time.

Open your eyes.

Continue to focus on your slow inhalations and complete exhalations.

Make sure you open your eyes.

Move your body around in the chair and adjust your posture.

Maintaining your posture, stay relaxed.

Become aware of yourself again.

Come to clear visual focus.

Come to clear mental focus.

Plant your feet firmly on the ground; make sure your knees remain apart.

Allow yourself to yawn loudly. Even if at first you have to fake it.

Yawn big and loud about 4 or 5 times.

Come to clear visual focus.

Come to clear mental focus.

Announce out loud:

I am finished my meditation and I am grateful.

Continue saying these words until you are finally alert.

As you go throughout the days ahead, remember the words of wisdom from the Dear Heart.

Remember the feelings you experienced when you sat together.

Keep a notebook and a pen close by throughout the week, ready to record insights and inspirations, changes in awareness level, and any other bits of brilliance that come to your mind.

Go well.

And speak from your heart.

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