English Without Borders

english-without-borders-300x300Learn International Business English:

  • from the privacy of your own office
  • in real-time on your time
  • from highly experienced professionals

Specializing in Accent Reduction and North American Business English

English, as the language most widely used among speakers of different languages to communicate with each other, is the lingua franca of today’s global business world. North American English specifically contains the vocabulary, rhythms, cadence and pronunciation most frequently used to conduct international business affairs.

International language schools offer standardized ESL programs for their international business clientele. Materials are generally standardized and not customized to meet the client’s business communication needs.

At Kennedy Communication Studio, each and every program is specifically designed and created to meet our client’s express needs. Regardless of your industry, Kennedy Communication Studio teaching associates are highly trained to conceive and construct a unique and rewarding learning experience for you.

English Without Borders allows us to communicate globally, in real-time, from the comfort and privacy of your office to the comfort and privacy of your instructor’s office. How? Via Skype-to-Skype voice and video.

English Without Borders:

  • Cuts meeting and waiting time
  • Cuts travel costs
  • Allows us to work where you work
  • Let’s us get immediately to the work that counts
  • Let’s us stay in touch even when you travel
  • Is environmentally friendly
  • Leaves virtually no carbon footprint.