In a New York Minute

"Wall Street" written on a newspaperIntensive Strategic Communication Program for International Business People

In a New York Minute: an idiomatic expression used often in business in New York City and means, ‘in a moment’, ‘in no time at all’, ‘within the blink of an eye’ or ‘in a heartbeat’.
A New York minute has exactly the same length as every other minute in the world. What gives the expression its meaning is the amount of activity you can squeeze into a standard minute
(Urban Dictionary).

In a New York Minute! is an intensive ESL Strategic Communication Program for International Business executives, business people, and students of International Business. This program is very concentrated and covers the material in English Without Borders: accent reduction, using your voice, strategizing with words, etc.
In a New York Minute! further explores the customs, language and pronunciation of North American English. In this program you will master the challenges of Communicating Strategically in English.

We will discuss and work on:

  • Listening and Thinking Critically
    Some estimates claim that people misunderstand 70% of the intended meaning of our message. Listening with empathy lets us truly understand – not only what was said but how it was said. Listening with intention enables us to ask the pertinent questions.
  • Embracing Cultural Diversity
    As world borders continue to diminish, the global market place continues to expand. In this program, we will discuss ways of creating a positive, international business culture in the workplace. A healthy corporate culture is one that is inclusive and recognizes its diversity whether that is ethnicity, culture, race, or generation. We will examine the diverse business customs of the countries you are doing business with where even one mis-step can easily mean losing a client or contract.
  • Promoting Ethical Communication
    Conducting business with people from different countries and cultures is often challenging. Not only can language be a barrier, so to can misunderstanding business ethics and practices, etiquette and behaviour.
  • Managing International Teams and Groups
    Managing a team composed of people from diverse backgrounds and cultures can be very stressful. Let’s discuss ways of dealing with stereotypes, using politically neutral language, and understanding different cultures’ use of non-verbal cues.
  • Analyzing and Implementing New Leadership Ideals
    In this class, you will analyze and present the concept of strategic leadership. We will discuss ways to motivate your team members to excel at their work. You will be given opportunities to demonstrate leadership competence.
  • Presenting to Persuade
    In this class, you will be asked to make a series of persuasive speeches in English with emphasis on strategizing with words, using your voice and body to help convey your message.
  • Negotiating to Win
    Using the methods of Harvard and Wharton Business Schools, you will be asked to participate in North American style negotiations. We will role play, using Western debate techniques and the great art of argument to ensure you are confident negotiating to win at the International Negotiating tables.

Please contact our Principal, Paddy Kennedy at Kennedy Communication Studio to discuss creating the exact class that will keep you on your road to international success.