Invest in Yourself



Private Strategic Communication Program for International Business People

Invest in Yourself is a private communication program for business people who want to maximize their professional image and impact. Whatever your communication needs, Kennedy Communication Studio will design a program especially for you.

You will work on “Saying It Right”: a presentation and performance program which focuses on three core components of speaking to be heard.

You will work especially on using your voice to its maximum potential. Not only will we polish your diction and pronunciation but also we will focus on vocal variety, intonation patterns, pacing: using your voice to say what you mean.

Also offered through the Studio are: “Writing to be Read” and “Effective Listening”. Voice coaching, speech coaching, writing coaching: whatever your communication needs, Kennedy Community Studio is prepared and ready to create exactly the program that will work for you.

Please contact our Principal, Paddy Kennedy at Kennedy Communication Studio to discuss a strategic communication program designed specifically for you.