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“Accentuate the Beat hasn’t only helped me in overcoming my International communication challenges but also allowed me to express myself with a lot of confidence. Now I speak with clarity and am fully understood in both language and message.

Paddy is superb at what she does.”

Khaled Matlagaitu

President / CEO, K-Mat Group, Saudi Arabia

“With Paddy’s assistance and her tailor-made Accentuate the Beat course I have learned a lot how to speak clearly, how to be fully understood and how to speak to be heard – how to unlock hearts. It has helped a lot in my day to day activities, and expanding of my network and business. If you feel a need in improvement of your English language or communication skills or both I highly recommend Accentuate the Beat as your next step to become more confident with English and more successful communicator. Good luck in your unforgettable journey.”

Sonny Mantel

CEO, SAnnyCom Software Solutions

“Paddy has been the best mentor/teacher I could ever have found. She has worked tirelessly with me on accent reduction. Her deep understanding of the language gives us the understanding we need to communicate effectively in English in a wide variety of circumstances. Her videos are engaging, informative and effective. I highly recommend Paddy and her Accentuate the Beat!! Her top qualities: Great Results, Expert Knowledge, Excellent Value.”

Katia Meirelles

former Executive, HSBC Private Bank, NYC

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3 Things You Should Know About Accent Reduction


1) Your Accent is Not the Problem

Accent is just another word for Stress, Emphasis, or Beat. Spoken English is very musical. We speak in “sound units” and not one word at a time. It’s like singing a song. You probably know all the words but you don’t know the melodies. Karaoke singers know this very well.

2) American English Finds its Rhythmic Roots in Jazz

Spoken English is ‘stress-driven’ or ‘beat-driven’. One part of the sound unit is always accentuated: it takes the high note, theaccent, or the stress. The rhythms of everything we say in North American English can be drummed or hummed to specific beat patterns. Once you can identify and ‘hear’ those beat patterns and understand very basic sound units, your accent will quickly stop being an issue for you.

3) It’s Not What You Say But How You Say It

This expression has been around for a long time and it speaks directly to learning and practising Accent Reduction. Spoken English is emotional and stress and intonation or pitch patterns are determined by the emotion behind your words. Tone of voice and rhythm: get those things straight and no one will say again that they can’t understand you because you have an accent.

Accentuate the Beat: Table of Contents

⇒ Introduction: Accentuate the Beat!

Module One: English and All that Jazz

⇒ Module Two: Oooh Laaa Laaa! Love Those Vowels

⇒ Module Three: Get Down and Feel the Beat: Stress is Just Another Word for Accent

⇒ Module Four: Feel the Vibe… Or Not! Consonants

⇒ Module Five: Chill Out on the Stress! Managing Your Accent

⇒ Module Six: Get Your Groove On! Rhythm

⇒ Module Seven: Intonation – It’s About the Music

⇒ Bonus Module: Tricks of the Trade – Let Your Voice and Body Speak With You

“To make a statement at the board room table today, international business people have to speak to be heard, present to persuade, write to inform, and negotiate to win.”

Paddy Kennedy

Principal, Kennedy Communication Studio

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